About New Era

New Era has a vibrant history dating back to 1965. The company started off as a humble furniture workshop in Chennai in South India. Over the years the company grew steadily in scope and stature to come to signify the highest standards of quality, reliability and service both in contract interiors and furniture manufacturing catering to the luxury hotel segment in the country. In 1996, keeping to its aims of innovation and expansion, New Era broadened its activities to include the import and distribution of unique and exclusive interior and exterior product concepts from Europe.

In 2004, the company entered the market for ventilated façades by introducing a Real-Wood Veneered Façade Panel System which was hitherto unavailable in the country. Thereafter, in 2006, New Era also introduced Extruded Clay / Terracotta Façade Tile and Louvre Systems for ventilated façades.  Since 2004, the “New Era” name has been synonymous with high-quality ventilated façade products and systems. The company has extensive hands-on experience and an in-depth knowledge in installing the same for almost a decade and has to its credit more than 1,60,000 square meters of installed area with extruded terracotta façades and more than 45,000 square meters of installed area with Real-Wood-Veneered façades, all across India.

About Clayton

in 2013, New Era Industries introduced its range of extruded clay / terracotta façade tiles and louvres systems for ventilated facades under its brand of Clayton. Under Clayton, the company offers a wide range of product solutions and systems suited to the demands and tastes of a diverse market. New Era’s reputation and dedication to provide the highest standards of quality and service to all its customers, is also carried through with its Clayton brand. The salient advantages of the products are as follows :

  • Fired at approx. 1000 °C during manufacture, the tiles are incombustible and extremely durable.
  • The ventilated rainscreen façade system of installation insulates the building interiors from hot and cold conditions prevailing outside.
  • The modular systems of installation make execution very fast.